40 years of excellence - 1975 to 2015

What equipment do we use on shows?

As you can appreciate, the size of the show needs to expand, or be reduced to suit the space we are given at the venue we perform at - but be assured, quality is the prime factor.

All shows come with their own self-supporting disco stand and goalpost system to put the disco sound system on and support the lighting, we only use a table to put CD collections on (unlike some of our competitors who do use tables for setting up their sound equipment on).

To hide the framework and most of the cabling, we now use the latest twinkling Starcloth frontage effect (not the screens that are shown in our pictures on our website, unless they have been requested for a 70s retro disco).

All consoles are fitted with the latest high quality Denon Dual CD Players & Denon Mixers (usually the DND4500 & DNX500 or digital DNX900). Most of our DJs are also using laptops with this equipment, or as a backup.

Sound systems are Cerwin Vega or JBL along with Pulse, Crown and QSC amplification with varying degrees of output, again subject to the venue size and number of guests as to what we will bring along. Although we have other brands such as HK & LD systems for smaller venues.

Lighting is provided by a variety of companies, the Abstract range of scanners, American DJ, Chauvet Lighting, CR-tec Laser, Equinox Lasers, and LED Lighting including LED Uplighters from various companies. Wherever possible we use Martin/Jem Fog and smoke machines or Hazers to enhance the lighting (subject to the venue permitting their use) to its full potential.

There are some lights that get requested from time to time not to bring along, such as strobes, hence these are not included in our list.

Clients can request special items such as LED Uplighters, Lasers, Bubble machines or Snow machines and these are available for shows and can be added, subject to the venue permitting their use. There may be additional charges for specially requested items.

Obviously we cannot list the exact equipment that we would have in a typical show as all venues and customer requirements will vary, but at least it goes some way towards letting you know what we use, and will be bringing along for your important party or event.

All our equipment is supplied & maintained by Oasis Sound & Lighting.   www.oasis-online.co.uk