40 years of excellence - 1975 to 2015

Profiles on a few of our leading DJ's

Roger Noble
Roger was the Breakfast presenter for Star 107.9, Stroud ...more

Josh Marston
Josh has been with us a few years now, and has a true ...more

Ben Williams
Ben was the morning presenter on Swindon's 107.7 Brunel ...more

Dan O'Hare
Starting out on the radio, presenting to the valleys of ...more

Matt Vaughan
Don't let Matt's boyish looks and charm fool you! He knows ...more

And finally, John Jeremy
Founder DJ of Triangle who has many years of experience ...more

These are the profiles of a few of our DJ's who work for us, we also have a number of other DJ's who work for us who are not mentioned but never the less most capable of delivering a first class show for your very special occasion.

If you are a Presenter / DJ and are interested in working for us, why not give us a ring so we can discuss your future with our team!